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Roe v Wade: Now what?

In the 6 days since the Supreme Court of the United States of America overturned the 50 year old ruling known as Roe V. Wade, life has felt different. People share that their emotions are rapid cycling, or very angry, or very sad, or some combination of those. Women and uterus owners are scared. My queer siblings and friends are worried about what comes next, and many of us feel helpless.

How are you doing?

I need you to know that whatever you are feeling about this is ok. There is not right or wrong way to deal (on an individual basis) with the chaos that is our government in the USA right now. People are calling for boycotts for July 4th and honestly, I don't blame them. There isn't much to celebrate when it comes to independence and freedom right now.

It is also ok to ignore the news. Honestly, that can be the best self care sometimes. And we need self care.

On the front of what now, I offer some suggestions:

  1. Give yourself permission to feel, to cycle, to check out, or to UBER engage. And give everyone around you that permission too

  2. Don't invite stranger to "go camping" in your state. It is a wonderful act of openness and inclusivity in concept. But in practice there are 2 problems: Danger, and removal of support from existing organizations.

  3. Find a local organization that is knowledgeable about "people moving" for medical procedures. Orlando Sentinel posted this article on June 24:

  4. Give the We can do Hard Things podcast about Abortion rights a listen. It is worth your time (link below)

  5. Check out and for other resources or a place to donate to established organizations who are already doing the good works.

Take care of yourselves, loves.


K Kelly's Ask a Therapist video on SCOTUS ruling


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