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Kelly R. Minter


Hi! I'm Kelly, and I am so excited to work you.

When people ask why I left my first profession to work as a Counselor, I tell them because I love to hear people's stories.  In my last profession it felt like I was TELLING people their stories, which didn't seem to lead to growth.

To sit with a client in the midst of their story is an honor, and to witness them taking charge of their story and embrace it is the height of trust. I have been working with teens and families for over 20 years, and in private practice counseling for the last 3. I love to read, blog, take pictures, and I love my job.

I have a YouTube Channel which focuses on religious trauma and LGBTQIA+ issues, which is also the majority of my therapy work. 

 Have questions? Click the link below to send me an email.

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