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Kelly R. Minter


Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I am so excited to earn the opportunity to work with you. Since you're probably looking for some information about me, before you decide if I should be your therapist, let me introduce myself properly.


I am the therapist for you if you are looking to work with someone who will listen to you, support you, and challenge you. Whether you are coming to counseling with your partner, by yourself, or as a family, we will work together to find the best route to your best life yet.

I work with members of the LGBTQIA+ community (MY community, to be clear) and those working on religious recovery. Anxiety, interpersonal conflict, imposter syndrome, people pleasing, struggles with self esteem and confidence are all issues that weigh heavily on my clients, many times because of the way the world has treated them. So we work together to understand, cope with, and more forward from those places with renewed understanding, coping skills, and positive and lasting changes. 

When people ask why I left my first profession to work as a Therapist, I tell them because I love to work with people in their realest form.  In my last profession it felt like I was TELLING people their stories, which didn't seem to lead to growth. To sit with a client in the midst of their story is an honor, and to witness them taking charge of their story and embrace it is the height of trust.


I have been working with couples, teens and families for over 20 years, and in private practice counseling for the last 5. I love to read, blog, take pictures, and I love my job. I have a YouTube Channel which focuses on religious trauma and LGBTQIA+ issues, which is also the majority of my therapy work. I am EMDR Trained.  Have questions? 

Click the link below to send me an email, or the link at the top of this page to book and appointment or a 15 minute intro call. 


Virtual Therapy Dog

You'll see him around if you book a virtual session with Kelly. Leo is usually sleeping on the couch next to her when she is on the screen, but every now and then he makes an appearance to bark at people outside, or put his little face in front of the camera and say "hi"!

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