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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


What happens at our first session?

Usually your first session will involve going over our forms, asking some questions regarding you and your family's history, and then addressing what it is that prompted you to schedule an appointment.

What usually brings someone in to counseling anyway?

So many things! For some people it is about feeling better. For others it is about feeling anything. Maybe you have had a transition in life, or you are tired of life being the same, always. Maybe the state of our world is weighing on you, and you want to have better coping skills. You don't have to "know" what is throwing you off, we can figure that part out together.

How long does therapy take?

In Session? 50 minutes. To start making you feel better? that depends. The truth is, in therapy you won't leave every session feeling light happy. Therapy is work, and the results of that work aren't always immediately evident. But the results will show, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Do I have to tell the therapist everything?

What you decide to tell your therapist is your business. We are not there to judge our clients, or to pull information out of them. If I feel as though you aren't being honest, I will ask if there is more than you want to share. But you can always say you are not comfortable sharing that, and that answer is enough for me!

What should I expect from couples counseling?

In couples counseling, the relationship is the client. We will not take "sides" in session, as that does not build the relationship in a healthy way. You and your partner may decide to opt for couples therapy every other week , and then alternate individual therapy in the off week. It is vital to remember, even if that is our format, that the relationship is the client, and all work is done to that end. 

Do you see straight clients?

I do! I will see any client I can reasonably get on my schedule, as long as I have competency in that area. Also, as current licensing laws stand, I can only see clients who are residents of the state of Florida. Have questions? Send me an email!

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